Lunchtime Workshop sponsored by Ellern Mede

28 February 2022 13:00 - 13:45

Naso-Gastric Feeding: Ethics and Outcomes. Presentation and Discussion
Hind Al-Khairulla,
Medical Director, Ellern Mede Group
Oliver Street,
Lead Dietitian, Ellern Mede Group
Nancy Maicoo, Clinical Operations Director, Ellern Mede Group

Naso-gastric feeding is a treatment modality that is only applicable with appropriate mental health legally provided, or individually provided consent. It is a last resort intervention in eating disorders treatment through absolute necessity in order to keep a patient safe and medically stabilise them when they are unable to eat orally. This permits clinicians to bring the patient into a safe and healthy weight range.

Ellern Mede is a leader in saving lives of some of the most acutely ill eating disorder patients since 2000. The organisation has a strong track record of expertise in the ethical, safe, constantly-evaluated practice of naso-gastric feeding.

In this workshop, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from Ellern Mede’s Medical Director, Clinical Director and Lead Dietitian on patient experience and patient outcomes.

Ellern Mede has found that where patients receive this treatment, they are brought safely to weight restoration in the only way possible. This then affords them the opportunity to progress towards eating orally, to receive a full multi-disciplinary treatment to treat the underlying causes of their disorder, and work successfully from that point towards discharge and an independent life.