Who should attend?

London International Eating Disorders 2019 will appeal to all medical and healthcare professionals who are interested in the assessment and treatment of people with eating disorders and who would like to learn more about the very latest developments in this field.

This will include:

• Counsellors

• Dietitians

• Family Therapists

• General Practitioners

• Family Physicians

• Nurses

• Occupational Therapists

• Paediatricians

• Physicians



• Physiotherapists

• Psychiatrists

• Psychologists

• Social workers

• Self-help group facilitators

• Trainees

• Teachers

• Youth workers 


Feedback from London International Eating Disorders 2017

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend this conference. I have learned so much from the sessions and am excited to take this back to my NHS to discuss and plan how our services could be developed"

"Great conference with experts in the field who are enthusiastic about the work that they are doing with ED"

"I was able to interact with experts in the field and build connections that will help my patients in the future"

"Thank you for an engaging and thought provoking experience! I thought the conference programme offered a great variety of work from a range of treatment services and approaches"

"Thank you very much for another inspiring conference"

"Well done on another fabulous conference"

"Many thanks for an excellent conference, I was delighted to be able to attend and I will take a lot back with me"