Hotel Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that our invited speakers and delegates may have been contacted by companies or individuals claiming to be affiliated with the London Eating Disorders Conference regarding their accommodation for the conference. Please be aware that this is a scam sent from a company named Business Travel Management (BTM).

The company will send you an email or call you to entice you to purchase rooms at our partner hotels. If you indicate that you need accommodation, BTM will send you a credit card authorization form from DocuSign or RightSignature.

Please DO NOT give out any of your information to this company as this is a scam. Please ignore any emails and calls from BTM or any other travel agent and DO NOT complete the DocuSign or RightSignature form that is attached to their emails.


The London Eating Disorders Conference (LEDC) organisers and our partner hotels will NEVER send emails or place telephone calls to individuals in order to promote specific accommodations. If you receive emails or telephone calls regarding LEDC 2019 hotel accommodations, please disregard and do not engage with the sender. 

We take data privacy and security with the utmost importance and your contact information has not been compromised by the London Eating Disorders organisers. The BTM agency DOES NOT have access to information on your registration. They are accessing public information and searching contact details through search engines like Google.

If you receive a phone call or email from BTM, or have been contacted by any other travel agent, please forward the information immediately to


We are working to address this situation and have reported this scam to the relevant authorities and hotels concerned. Your kind understanding and support is much appreciated.