Concurrent Workshops

Wednesday 20 March 2019 
 14.00 - 15.30 CONCURRENT SESSION 1 Please choose one session from below (1-5)
  1) The Body Project: multi-agency collaboration as a model for implementation
  Sam Clark-Stone, Frances Clark-Stone, Phillipa Diedrichs, Katerina Kantartzis, Emma Halliwell (UK)
  2) SSCM, SEEDS and dietetics: a good match?
  Marilyn Conroy, Jade Hanson (UK)
  3) Medical complications of eating disorders: Part 1
  Phillip Mehler (USA)
  4) Implementation of NHS England’s Children and Young People’s Eating Disorder Pathway
  Anne O’Herlihy, Ivan Eisler (UK)
  5) "Where is my Supersuit?" How to integrate families and peer support into treatment and recovery
  Erica Husain, Susan Ringwood (UK)
 16.00 - 17.30  CONCURRENT SESSION 2 Please choose one session from below (1-5)
  1) Sharing heart-felt hope: developing and implementing peer support in an adult community eating disorder service
  Clare Leather (UK)
  2) Medical complications of eating disorders: Part 2
  Phillip Mehler (USA)
  3) Intensive home treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa: clinical practice, outcomes and acceptability
  Sam Clark-Stone, Rachael Tominey, Bryony Holmes, Ian Frampton (UK)
  4) How long is enough? Linking expert opinion and empirical evidence on optimum duration of inpatient admission for children and adolescents with anorexia nervosa
  Sophie Nesbitt, Lucia Giombini (UK)
  5) A new cognitive behaviour therapy for adolescents with avoidant / restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID)
  Sandra Mulkens, Eric Dumont (NED)
Thursday 21st March 2019
 14.00 - 15.30 CONCURRENT SESSION 3 Please choose one session from below (1-5)
  1) Implementing lived experiences in specialised eating disorder services
  Hiske Visser, Eric van Furth (NED)
  2) When too much control becomes the issue: radically open dialectical behaviour therapy (RO-DBT) for adolescents with restrictive eating disorders when family therapy isn’t enough
  Mima Simic, Julian Baudinet, Gladys Ellis (UK)
  3) An integrated psychological and behavioural approach to treating compulsive exercise – beyond mindful walking
  Phillipa Hay (AUS), Caroline Meyer (UK), Stephen Touyz (AUS) 
  4) Transition care in anorexia nervosa through guidance online from peer and carer expertise (TRIANGLE)
  Valentina Cardi, Viviana Aya, Katie Rowlands, Janet Treasure (UK)
  5) Ten-session cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): key principles and key techniques
  Glenn Waller, Hannah Turner (UK)
 16.00 - 17.30 CONCURRENT SESSION 4 Please choose one session from below (1-5)
  1) Avatar therapy in patients with eating disorders: a novel therapeutic approach
  Viviana Aya, Valentina Cardi, Janet Treasure (UK)
  2) Working with adolescents with eating disorders: making FBT and CBT-ED work together
  Mirin Craig, Glenn Waller (UK)
  3) Food for thought: paediatrics and psychiatry working together
  Ginny Birrell, Sarah Bartlett (UK)
  4) Let's talk about sex! An interactive and participative workshop exploring methods to address difficulties with intimacy with adult service users diagnosed with anorexia nervosa
  Chantal Bailie, Lynn Olver (UK)
  5) Severe and enduring anorexia nervosa: from adolescence to adulthood
  Hubert Lacey (UK), Phillipa Hay, Daniel Le Grange, Stephen Touyz (AUS)
Friday 22nd March 
 09.30 - 11.00 CONCURRENT SESSION 5 Please choose one session from below (1-5)
  1) Treatment providers' perspectives of working on inpatient units
  Trine Hage, Øyvind Rø (NOR)
  2) The egosyntonic nature of anorexia nervosa: Working with pros and cons and values to enhance treatment outcomes
  Lucy Serpell, Eva Gregertsen (UK)
  3) A bite-sized conversation: solo drama performance and reflection on language and diagnosis
  Florence Taylor, Ian Frampton (UK)
  4) Targeting inhibitory control among individuals with bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders 
  Rayane Chami, Janet Treasure, Valentina Cardi (UK)
  5) Early intervention for young people with emerging eating disorders: The role of a modular CBT programme
  Laura Fialko, Erica Cini, Ruth Wilson (UK)
 11.30 - 13.00 CONCURRENT SESSION 6 Please choose one session from below (1-5)
  1) The changing landscape: exploring collaboration between clinicians, researchers, patients and carers
  Anthea Fursland, Shannon Calvert (AUS)
  2) Rapid formulation and flexible approach to enhance motivation using brief intervention in eating disorders
  Nish Dolange (UK)
  3) Making sense in eating disorders: How sensory integration theory can be used to support the emotional regulation of young people with eating disorders
  Thomas Hawksworth, Jessica Moncrieff-Boyd, Pippa Hugo (UK)
  4) Long term management of SEED patients: residential SSCM in practice
  Asha Mootoosamy, Mary Dias, Thomas Chapman, Racheal Baker (UK)
  5) Adolescent focused therapy: getting to know the newcomer
  Cathy Troupp, Jo Holliday (UK)